Today the European Union constitutes a real political actor, both in Europe and at international level. The current acceleration of the integration process is strictly linked to the globalisation of the economy and to the need of the European countries to face the new political, social and economic challenges.
The debate on the role and future of the European Union also reflects the need to understand and integrate in this supranational “hybrid” entity.

The idea of a Master in European Culture addressed to MEDA students has been conceived and developed in order to face some of the challenges emerging from this difficult context of reference. Therefore a deeper knowledge of the European Union by the citizens of the Euro-Mediterranean countries is to be hoped for.

The Master’s distance modules are defined and developed by UNINETTUNO according to the instructions of the Scientific Management Committee in charge of the Master. The above committee, directed by Prof. Franco Cardini from the ISU Institute of the University of Florence, is composed also of other intellectuals from the Euro-Mediterranean regions, leaders of the project: Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia.
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