Enrolments to the Master’s course in European Culture will be open starting from October 2007.

You can enroll directly on the Internet filling in the special on-line form and paying the relative enrolment fees by credit card or bank transfer.

In order to get enrolled you need to supply an e-mail account too.

The on-line administration form serves to manage all administrative activities and the student’s carrier.

Upon enrolment you are required to submit also a:

  • Curriculum Vitae and Studiorum

  • Proper documentation proving your knowledge of the required languages (English, French or Italian)

  • Your authorization to process your personal details (Legislative Decree 196/2003) (only for Italian students)

The Secretariat will acknowledge your enrolment sending you an e-mail including your matriculation number, User ID and Password.

The courses included into the first edition of the distance Master’s course in European Culture will start in January 2008 and will last one year.

The enrolled students will be able to watch the videolessons on RAI NETTUNO SAT 1 and RAI NETTUNO SAT 2 satellite television channels or on the INTERNET.

Practice work will be made on the INTERNET, whereas distance tutoring will take place by audio and video chats, forums and videoconferencing.

In order to get the Master’s degree students the students will have to attend the videolessons that will be structured according to thematic areas and all related didactic activities, including also the preparation of a final dissertation to get the 60 ECTS credits required to get the Master’s degree.

This degree will be issued by the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO.

The detailed programme of the courses envisaged by the Master’s course in European Culture and the relative teachers are available on-line on the website

You can get in touch with:

International Telematic University UNINETTUNO

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 39

00186 – Rome - Italy

Tel. +39 06 69207670

Fax +39 06 69207621

Free toll number: +39 800 333647

[12/03/2007] FAQ: the answers to the most frequently asked questions by the students about the international quiz contest

[D] When is the International Quiz going to take place?

The International Contest is going to take place on the 18th April 2007, starting at 3:30 p.m., local time.

[D] Where is the International Quiz Contest going to take place?

It is going to take place at the Dead Sea

[D] How long shall we stay in Jordan?

Based on the flights timetables, students are supposed to arrive at the Dead Sea the day before the quiz (17th April 2007) or the morning of day of the quiz itself (18th April 2007) and to leave the day after the quiz (19th April 2007).

[D] Who is going to take part in the International Contest?

The 23 students who won the online National Contests are going to take part in it.

[D] Is it possible to be accompanied by a family member?

No, it is not! UNINETTUNO will pay for travel and subsistence expenses only and exclusively for the students winning the National Quiz Contests.

[D] Which are the travel arrangements and logistics?

UNINETTUNO will get in touch either directly with the students/winners or through the national coordinators (who will accompany the students/winners to the International Competition) to let them know about the travel requirements (passports and visas, trip from the airport to the hotel, hotel accommodation)

[D] What are the subjects to be studied in order to practice for the International Competition?

The students/winners are supposed to keep on training themselves on the themes related to the European Union following the online videolessons for preparing for the quiz.

[D] In which language will the International Quiz be? What is the Quiz’ format and what are the rules and how many winners will there be?

The questions comprised in the Quiz will be available to each student/competitor in Arabic, French and English; the host will speak with them in English and in Arabic, while he will speak in English with the audience. As it regards the contest modes and the rules of the game, students will receive the relative information a few days before the Contest.
There will be three winners and the Prize will be a three-day journey to Brussels to visit the European Institutions.

[22/02/2007]OPEN SKY PROJECT: 2nd Phase–The International Quiz Contest

As established by the rules, only three winners for each participating country won the National Quiz Contest.

23 winners of the national telematic contest won the enrolment for free to the Master’s course.

Now they have got to prepare to challenge each other in the International Quiz Contest in European Culture. It is advisable to practice again following the videolessons to prepare for the Quiz available online.

The Final Prize will be a three-day journey in the very institutional heart of the European Union, Brussels.

The 23 winners, accompanied by their respective national coordinators, will participate in the final event that is going to take place on the Dead Sea, in Jordan, in one of the most beautiful hotels of the region.

The date of the final event will be fixed and communicated shortly. All the travel and staying expenses of the national coordinators and of the winners who will be attending the Final will be paid by UNINETTUNO. The details on organisation matters will be communicated to every coordinator who will inform their own winner students. The winners of the National Contest that will be unable to participate in the Final have got the free enrolment to the Master’s course in European Culture all the same.

The event will be organised by UNINETTUNO with the delegation of the European Commission in Amman and with the cooperation of the Jordan Radio & Television Network, sponsoring the event, that will film the ceremony that will see the attendance of above 300 Jordan and foreign guests.


[15/02/2007] The winners of the National Quiz Contest

After 4 days of brilliant contest, here were are at the finishing line! More than 100 students, selected within 14 Universities of 8 MEDA Countries, have participated in the computer-based contest on European Culture. As provided by the Regulations, only 3 students for each country win the Contest and will be awarded with the participation in the Grand Finale in Jordan and the free enrolment to the Master’s course in European Culture.

The winners of the online National Quiz Contest are:


1st placed: Merabai Wahiba - Université Elhadje Lakhdar Batna

2nd placed: Houfani Hafidha - Université Elhadje Lakhdar Batna


1st placed: El Saeed Amr El Saeed - Helwan University

2nd placed: MostafaSamia - Helwan University

3rd placed: DiabIslam - Helwan University


1st placed: Abdulelah Abou-Redn - Mu’ta University

2nd placed: Abdin Zina - JordanUniversity

3rd placed: Haddadin Yasmine - JordanUniversity


1st placed: Eid Lara - Université Libanaise

2nd placed: El-Chebeir Akram - Université Libanaise

3rd placed: Kharrat Dolsa - Université Libanaise


1st placed: Afifi El Hassane - Université Mohammed V Souissi

2nd placed: Afifi Ismail - Université Mohammed V Souissi

3rd placed: Laala Adnane - Université Mohammed V Souissi


1st placed: Al-Absi Mohamad Moustafa – University of Aleppo

2nd placed: Ibrahim Solaf – University of Aleppo

3rd placed: Ziadeh Mazen – University of Aleppo


1st placed: Abdelhedi Hosni - Université Tunis El Manar

2nd placed: Zribi Soufien- Université Tunis Manar

3rd placed: Maazaoui Mounira- Université Tunis El Manar


1st placed: Ozkan Nur - Ege University

2nd placed: Yaman Fatma - Ege University

3rd placed: Çubuko ğlu ufuk - Ege University

The winners should prepare themselves for the LAST GRAND CHALLENGE: the International Quiz Contest in Jordan where the 23 winners will challenge each other “face-to-face” to be awarded with: a THREE-DAY FREE STAYING IN THE HEART OF EUROPE, BRUXELLES.


[10/01/2007] From the 8th of January the Videolessons for preparing for the Quiz are available on-line and on the TV satellite channel

From the 8th to the 29th January 2007, the videolessons for preparing for the Quiz are available online. These videolessons are available online and are being broadcast on Rai NETTUNO Sat 1 during different time-slots: from 10:55 to 22:05 in Arabic, from 10:15 to 21:25 in French and from 10:35 to 21:45 in English.

[20/12/2006] Malta TV too will air Open Sky spot and lessons
Malta too joins the list of countries of the Euromediterranean Area participating in the Open Sky Project. Thanks to the interest shown by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Mediterranean isle, which has always been playing an active role in cultural exchanges processes, the Maltese public television will air the project spot before and after the English lessons of the protagonists who built Europe.
Of course, it is a reason of great satisfaction for UNINETTUNO, the project coordinator, that succeeded in enlarging the network of the Mediterranean Countries participating in Open Sky, after having involved the most important television networks of the MEDA area countries that are broadcasting the spot on the Open Sky Quiz and will broadcast the lessons of the protagonists in English, French and Arabic.

UNINETTUNO s.r.l. - Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 39 - 00186 Roma - Phone : +39 0669207671 e-mail: