Prof. Franco Cardini, Full Professor of Medieval History - Istituto Superiore di Scienze Umanistiche – Florence (Italy)

Prof. Lea Campos Boralevi, Professor of History of the Political Doctrines – Univeristy of Florence (Italy) – Department of Social Sciences

Prof. Kiril Ribarov, Professor atCharles University of Prague (Czech Republic) – Chair of Business Administration

Prof. Nicolas Vernicos, Department of Cultural Technology and Communication - Aegean University - Greece

Prof. Sandro Gozi, Professor at the College of Europe, Bruges (Belgium) and Professor at Institutes d’Etude Politique de Paris Science Po

Prof. Pier Virgilio Dastoli, Director of the Office of the Representation of the European Commission in Rome (Italy)

Dr. Pierpaolo Settembri, Global Emile Noël Fellow, New York University

Prof. Saverio Sticchi Damiani, Professor of Law of the Cultural Heritage – Economics Faculty – University ofLecce (Italy)

Prof. Cosimo Risi, Professor of International Relations – University of Salerno (Italy)

Prof. Mohammed Al- Momany, Assistant Dean, Faculty of Arts - Political Science Department - Yarmouk University

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